Friday, April 11, 2008

Airbrushing an 8 year old.

So Justin came home last week with his individual school photos (Spring Addition). I pulled them out and was immediately struck by how soft they looked. They AIRBRUSHED him!!! The picture is flawless!! Some might think this is ludicrous...but I have to admit I was quite jealous! Think of how fabulous I would have looked all through elementary school if they had airbrushed me too!!

Passed out!

So yesterday after watching Survivor (of course!!) Justin, Ashton, and I made our way to the Centerville Target. Justin and Ashton had received a $50 check from "Grumpy Grandma" (Mark's Mom... and NO we didn't give her that name!) with instructions to spend it on Ponies and Cotton Candy... Well Target seemed to be completely out of Cotton Candy and Ponies so I sent Justin to the toy section. I wondered around the store picking up some groceries when I hear him bellowing my name (mom???.... MOM!?!?!) because he wants to show me what he has picked with his half of the money. Justin picked out some fingerless bicycle gloves and some small mountain lion figurines. Of ALL of the toys he had to pick from in Target... he comes back with fingerless gloves and cats. Amazing. ANYWAY... we got home and got ready for bed. He put on his gloves and then asked if he could have a cupcake. I gave him a cupcake at the bar and then made my way to my room for a few minutes. I couldn't have been gone more than 5 minutes and when I returned I found Justin passed out, sprawled across two bar stools and an UNEATEN cupcake still sitting on the counter! Those of you who know Justin will know that this is VERY RARE that he would be anywhere near an uneaten cupcake. He must have been a tired boy!!