Friday, April 4, 2008

Ashton Scott

On 01/23/2008 we welcomed Ashton Scott Hurst Stewart into our lives. He is lovingly known by several names in our house...such as: Booga, Chubbo, Buggy, Lover Face, Brother, Ash Man, Ashes, Baby...hmmm. I wonder if Ashton will ever answer his to his own name?? LOL!!
I feel like my Ashton is such a blessing. I had Justin 8 years (almost to the day) earlier and I figured I would always be a mother of one perfect son. Surprise!!! I get another perfect son! Just when you think you have it all figured out, nature has a funny way of playing tricks on you. I couldn't be happier.

So Ashton didn't have a "real" name until he was 1 day old. If any of you know Mark, you know that he is the MOST indecisive man on the planet. He called my belly "Connor" for months, then decided he didn't like that name as well as Ashton... then about 2 weeks before the birth he was back on Connor... then at the hospital we decided to go back to Ashton because we couldn't decide on a spelling for Connor (I like "OR" and Mark like "ER"). Poor baby was probably so confused!! Ashton fits him though! And truth be told... I always liked Ashton lots better than Connor, but if I had told Mark that he would have stood firm with "his decision" because that's just the way guys are, right?!?!
Ashton is such a flirt!! When he smiles he'll crinkle his forehead and nose! SO CUTE! He loves to be held upright so he can look around. I call him my passenger because as long as he's being held doing whatever needs to be done, he's happy! The other day I tried to put him in a baby carrier strapped to me (like a knock off baby Bjorn)... he wouldn't have anything to do with it! I guess just wasn't the same.

Ashton started at Puddle Jumpers daycare on Monday. That was SO hard!! He has been at Kindercare for the past 4 weeks, but the price and location just weren't working. I was so sad to leave because the girls there absolutely adored him. I have been pleasantly surprised with Puddle Jumpers though! They were so excited he was coming and had everything already labeled for him before we showed up. They took a "1st day" picture and also gave me a "Parent's Survival Kit". So far, I'm very happy with them. They seem to love my Buggy!

Justin William

I love my Justin. He never ceases to amaze me. He is brilliant, athletic, loving, kind, beautiful, and funny. This little boys has such a bright light. I really think he'll practice law when he's older. You can't just tell him "no". He has to negotiate EVERYTHING. He'll explain his view to you over and over and over until you finally cave in. Sometimes it gets extremely frustrating, but I just have to sit back and laugh at how his mind is always going.
Justin is a master of everything he does. I taught Justin how to ski when he was just 2 years old. He picked it right up. Two Christmases ago he asked for a snowboard. I thought it would be interesting for him to learn since I didn't know how to snowboard and Mark (who does snowboard) usually goes on a different day than us... but Justin picked it right up! Justin asked for a Rip-Stick (2 wheeled wobbly skateboard) this year for Christmas... he and I watched the instructional video (which told us that some tricks could result in DEATH if not performed correctly) then Justin went down to the basement and hopped right on... CRAZY!! A couple of weeks ago Justin decided he wanted to learn how to ice-skate and he did great! He amazes me every day with how athletic he is. Oh, and he is a wakeboarder! I love this kid!!
Justin has been the best big brother! He is constantly helping me with Ashton. He'll ask me if I've fed him and changed him. If he hears Ashton cry he comes running to hold him and make him feel better. I feel like such a lucky mom!
Justin is in 2ND grade. He's attending Wasatch Peak Academy which is only a block away from our new home and we can see it from our front door. It is Justin's 3rd school in 3 years, but this one is a keeper! He's learning Spanish as part of his curriculum. I told him I'd take him to Spain in a couple of years when he's learned some more Spanish... he replied with, "mom, I'd rather go to Mexico."... WHAT?!??!!! So, guess we're going to Mexico :)
I hope my Donald Trump Jr. knows how much his mommy loves him!!