Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day all you mommies out there! My moms day was wonderful!! Justin and I went and had McDonald's for breakfast (yummy...) and then headed home so he could give me the present he had bought at Target. Justin brought out my present and was so excited for me to open it... It was a HUGE abalone necklace on a gold chain (ha ha ha). Apparently my sister tried to direct him to some other jewelry but he just kept saying, "NO, I know she'll love THIS one!!"... and after some tears from Justin my sister finally gave in. He also gave me a really cute silver bracelet. I asked him which one he'd rather me wear that day since they didn't really match each other, and of course he chose the abalone necklace. I wore it with pride!! My honey Mark is letting my get curbing in the front yard for my mothers day present!! I'm so excited!! Thanks baby!!

So after presents and getting ready we headed out to Mark's moms house to bring her a gift and have some lunch. It was fun to see her and her other boys. We went to Olive Garden for lunch, apparently with the rest of Salt Lake... it was PACKED!! So yummy!!

Later that night we headed to my moms for dinner which was amazing!! We had a Santa Maria Tri-Tip roast with funeral potatoes, rolls, yummy salad, and all sorts of deserts! We gave my mom a digital photo frame that had two openings for photos. She loved it. I love my mom so much! I'm so lucky to have not only a wonderful mother, but also a best friend. I love you mom!


So if you check back a few blogs you'll see Justin asleep on the bar stools with his sweet fingerless gloves. Well, it has happened again!! We went over to my moms house for mothers day dinner. This was also the night of the Survivor finale... those of you who know me well know that I'm obsessed with two shows, Lost and Survivor. So my mom set up the DVR so I could watch the 3 hour finale after everyone went home. Well 9:00 rolls around and finally everyone is gone. I start to watch the finale thinking that Justin is watching TV somewhere or asleep. When the show finally ended I went to look for Justin and couldn't find him. Finally I saw some big boy feet sticking out from underneath my moms kitchen table. Justin had crawled under the tablecloth and fell asleep sprawled across the chairs! I think my little man is narcoleptic!!