Monday, October 13, 2008

Ashton's vintage photo shoot.

Ashton had these cute vintage photo's taken at his school. Aren't they precious??!! I LOVE HIM!!

Justin's Football Pics...

Take a look at the team picture. Justin is in the back row in the middle...

Me: Justin, why does your face look like that?

Justin: That's my tough face mom! He told us to look tough!!

Me: Everyone else is smiling

Justin: They just don't listen mom...

Yes, that's my son. The listener!! ... RIGHT!!!

Kangaroo Zoo

We FINALLY made it to the Kangaroo Zoo!! Justin was so excited! We live about 4.5 seconds away from the place but have been SOOOO busy lately that we just haven't been able to go. We took Justin's friend Kaleb with us on our adventure. Ashton LOVED the bouncy things!! (Side note: Kaleb (the friend) ended up splitting his lip open and bleeding profusely from the mouth. Justin bounced himself right off the bouncy thing and landed flat on his back which knocked the wind out of him. WHY can I not go somewhere and leave with out someone getting wounded?!?!?! Ha ha ha! Oh well, they both got over their injuries and had a blast!)

(This one (well, ALL of them!!) turned our a little blurry... guess that's what happens when you try to self portrait one handed with a crappy camera phone!!)