Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cute Nephews

There should be a rule against family moving far away. Who can I talk to about this? Seriously! My newest nephew Henry has new pictures and he's just so stinkin cute! I just want to squish his little cheeks but I CAN'T because he's so far away. I miss my little Andersen (A- Dog, not to be confused with J-Dog (Justin)). I found a baby picture of Andersen and think it is SO adorable how much these two little guys look alike... See for yourself... don't pass out from shock over the cuteness!!




Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ticket To Ride

So my family and I have discovered the most FUN board game!! (***Side note*** They may have discovered it WAAAAYYYY before I did, but I'm taking some credit none the less!!). So this game is all about building train routes around a country or through countries and trying not to get blocked along the way by the people you're playing with. It is seriously so fun!! I guess there are are all sorts of different versions of the game. We usually play the Europe game, but today my mom and dad and I played the Switzerland one. I lost. DANG IT!! I still had a blast though. So if anyone is looking for a fun and somewhat mentally challenging game, go get it!!