Friday, October 16, 2009


We get to go visit these guys this weekend! We think they're pretty awesome! Our favorite Canadian and Canadian in training!! Uncle Per plays football for Idaho State and Aunt Katie coaches Volleyball. They both have home games this Saturday so the boys and I are headed to Spudland! We haven't seen them for a couple of months so we're all pretty excited. I love my little sis so much! I wish she lived closer!

Justin has a home game against Murray this weekend as well. We're doing half time treats. Hopefully we can get another win... did I ever mention that we WON last week?? Finally!! Bountiful-28 Highland-0 The boys were so excited!! Definitely a morale booster! I guess I also need to paint a very large paper banner for the boys to run through tonight too... busy!!

Mark will be staying home to work on our basement and it's endless projects. I love this man so much! I miss him already and we're not gone yet!!