Thursday, October 1, 2009

October... finally!!

I love fall. I finally get to wear the copious amount of jackets that reside in my closet. For those of you that listen to Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear... you'll understand. Jackets are a must! They make you look thinner and more put together; not to mention they cover the puppies! All summer I feel blobish (my own word) so I'm always thrilled to feel a little crispness in the air.

We celebrated Mark's birthday in September. Since we're saving for a very special Christmas (more to come on that later) we decided to keep the birthday pretty uneventful. We did get a new TV and some family room furniture though. Yay!

Justin is halfway through his football season. He is doing such a great job and we're very proud of how hard he's practicing . It is so much fun to be a part of this team. I love going to the games each Saturday. We were able to attend the University of Utah football game vs. Louisville. I went with Justin and Ashton and Justin was able to march in with and meet the Utes. It was really fun! I'm shocked Ashton lasted as long as he did :) We rode the Trax train for the first time too!!

My dear sweet Ashton has had yet another illness coupled with a pretty traumatic injury to his knee. Last Sunday Ashton and I had a walking to the park date with our friends Kayci and little Tyler. We walked out to the garage to get the stroller. Ashton ran out around my car and tripped on some of the corner metal that Mark is using to finish our basement with. It had been left sitting between the two cars in the middle of the garage floor. The way the metal was angled made it comparable to paring knives sitting blade side up just waiting for an unsuspecting victim to trip and fall on them. We called my dad (doctor dad, md...) who was on his way home from Idaho. He said he was almost home and to quickly meet him at his house. Ashton and I drove up the hill so "Papa" could investigate the injury. Luckily no stitches were necessary, just a few butterfly bandages to hold it together (which Ashton promptly took off the second his pants were removed). He will have some pretty gnarly scars... cool dude :) ... on to the illness... This past Tuesday morning I received a call from Ashton's daycare stating that he had some spots developing on his bottom, stomach and back... I of course think their overreacting about some diaper rash and begrudgingly make my way over to the center to pick him up. When I arrived I was shocked to see the blistery bumps that were developing before my eyes. I packed Ashton in the car and headed back to work and awaited my lunch break. 1:00 came and Ashton and I made our way to the instacare (since our doctor takes Tuesdays off and Ashton ALWAYS seems to fall ill on Tuesdays). They took his temperature (100 F) and the on call doctor came in to ask some questions. She asked if he had blisters on the bottom of his feet or the palms of his hands... off came is shoes, and sure enough there were blisters. He was becoming covered in these bumpy red blisters. The doctors diagnosis: Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. Treatment??? NOTHING. You have to wait it out while your baby is covered in painful blisters and feeling sick sick sick. I can give him Tylenol and a hug. That's it. So Mark and I have taken turns taking off work to be with him since he's not allowed back into daycare until he's well again. It's really the saddest thing. Especially because he's only 20 months old and you can't explain what's happening to him. So sad :(

Mark has been hard at work finishing a theater room in our basement. I am SO excited!! He is doing such a great job!! We're to the point that we can now shop for paint and carpet / wood flooring! YAY!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging happening... life is crazy. Happy October everyone!! Enjoy your jackets ;)