Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back from Idaho

We had a great (short) trip...apart from my camera breaking (boo hoo!!), loosing my car keys in the football stadium (and then finding them 20 minutes and a heart attack later), and gaining at least 10 lbs from the muffins and Cheetos we ate in the car. I have to say that for the crazy day that Ashton had (2.5 hour drive to Pocatello, going to a 3.5 hour football game, immediately over to the 2 hour volleyball game and then on to an amazing dinner at Ruby Tuesdays) he did amazingly well... yes there was a short time during the football game that he transformed into a little devil child and screamed like a banshee... but other than that, he was great! We met Katie at her office and drove over to the stadium together to watch Per's game. My mom decided to come as well and met us at the game. Unfortunately neither Per or Katie's teams won (Katie's was SO close!!) But it's always fun to go watch! After dinner with Katie and Per and Per's cute parents we went to sleep at Katie and Per's cute house in Old Town Pocatello. I love Katie and Per! I love my boys :~) Enjoy some pics of our trip~~~