Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ashton's Look-alike Meter

So I decided to try this "look-alike meter". I keep getting comments from people saying things such as: "wow, did you contribute ANYTHING to this kid??" ... it was starting to annoy me. So I did this look alike thing hoping that it would tell me that Ashton is either a good mix or looks like me even a little bit... and it comes back with a whopping 16% more like Mark. Now, I've been looking at other peoples "look-alike meters" and I have NEVER seen any ones with a percentage that high. So now I guess it's official. My beautiful Ashton looks nothing like me... oh well, at least he has my crazy feet!! Ha ha ha!

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So a few days ago I wrote about the check that "grumpy grandma" sent to the boys to buy cotton candy and ponies... anyway, I failed to mention what we bought for Ashton. Ashton got a Bumbo!! This is seriously the greatest invention of all time. He LOVES it. He just sits there and his little head bobbles and he couldn't be happier. He loves to sit in his Bumbo and watch cartoons. I've never been around an infant that is so fascinated by the television... not so sure that's a good thing... but for now it's so dang cute!! His favorite at the moment is JoJo's Circus on Disney. So cute!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm obsessed with Lost!! New episodes start next week!! WAHOO!!

Happy Birthday To ME!!

So yesterday was my birthday. My mom asked me if I felt 28... umm... YES!! I'm a mother of two beautiful boys, one of whom is 8 years old and I'm afraid will soon turn my hair grey. I have reached a point in my life where I actually care about sunscreen because I don't want wrinkles. OLD!! That is what I feel! I had taken the day off of work and hoped to sleep in (since I'm the birthday princess). Well 7am rolls around and Ashton is wide awake and if he could talk I'm sure he's be saying, "HELLO!! It's 7 now and you need to GET UP!!". So we got out of bed and wondered around the house. I went to change Ashton and of course he peed on me (a birthday present I'm sure), so I cleaned him up and put a wipe over him while I grabbed a diaper out of the closet. I went to put the new diaper on and he peed on me again!! Now, he is smiling the whole time he's doing this. I've come to the conclusion that he is fully aware of his functions and he thinks it is the greatest game in the world to pee on mom. GREAT GAME!! We had planned on spending the day skiing/snowboarding since about 5 days ago the weathermen here in Utah had predicted about 80 degrees in the valley... well I should have known better than to believe a weather report that far in advance because we ALL know you can only predict Utah's weather about 24 hrs. in advance. It was due to SNOW and the temperature dropped 50 degrees from the day before...grrr... just my luck. Oh well, it was sunny still and the storm wasn't due to hit until later in the afternoon. So I tried to wake Mark and Justin up (quite a task) to tell them we had to hurry and go so we could beat the storm... Well about 2 hours later we were ready. We headed up to Brighton and had a fabulous time! Justin and Mark were on their snowboards hitting jumps and playing in the terrain park and I was on my skis just enjoying the day. The storm finally did hit and we had to leave. I'm glad we went, it was so fun to get one last day in this season! After skiing Justin and I went to pick Ashton up at daycare. When I arrived I noticed his sweat pants were in a plastic bag in his cubbie. I asked the teacher what had happened and she in formed me that Ashton had peed on HER too and all over his pants when she went to change his diaper!! SEE?!?! He knows!!! Later that evening my family (mom, dad, Stefan (brother), Sam (brother), and Brooklyn (Stefan's friend)) took me out to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square. Mom and dad gave me a new i-pod!! YAY!! Anyway, I was really excited because we always go to the Spag for every one's birthday and they always give the person who's birthday it is a special super yummy desert... well out come all of the waiters to sing and I see one single scoop of ice cream with a candle in it... "WHAT IS THIS???!!!???", I thought to myself.. this is NOT the special super yummy desert I had hoped for! Sad day. So I made Mark and Justin take me to Cold Stone later that evening and that made everything better...mmmm... cake batter ice cream... mmmmmmm!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Antelope Island Adventure

So Justin has been in a very adventurous mood lately. Always wanting to go out and discover new things. He asked me if we could go out to Antelope Island because it had been years since our last visit. So Saturday we packed up the car and Justin, Ashton, and I made our way north. It was about noon when we left and I had a hair appointment at 3:30 so I figured we had plenty of time... boy was I wrong. We got on I-15 and when we hit Centerville it was bumper to bumper traffic (at noon on a Saturday???). SO what should have taken us 20 minutes ended up taking us about 1 hour to get there. We finally made it to the fee box to get on to the cause way. Justin was SO excited at this point. It is so beautiful out there, I really should take him more often. We drove toward the island and Justin was reading the brochure of every activity we could do. I thought we would visit the beach, look for some buffalo, and then hopefully grab some lunch. When we got to the parking at the beach I was discouraged when I saw how low the water line was. It was literally a 1 mile walk to the water from the parking... OK, I'm idiotically in high heals and now have to walk 1 mile in the sand... but off we went! Justin ran as fast as he could to get to the water, I on the other hand was trying to maneuver walking in sand while holding an infant, my purse, my camera and my shoes (which had to come off because walking in sand with heals in impossible!!). We finally made it to the water! So I grabbed my camera to take some cute pictures and it was DEAD!! I had been taking pictures all day but of course as soon as I'm on a desert island with no batteries to be found it decides to die... oh well... on to plan B! I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures... not quite what I had in mind, but they really did turn out cute! We ended up spending all the time we had at the beach and didn't get to go exploring for buffalo, so I told Justin we'd come back in a couple of weeks and spend the day there. So... more pictures (hopefully from my camera!!) to come!