Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome to the Sweet's!!

My friend Brenda moved into her new house in Tooele over a year ago. I'm such a bad friend cuz I just barely went to see it TODAY!! My boys had so much fun with her husband Nick. He took them riding on the 4-wheeler in a field near their house. Justin said as we were leaving that he'd like to move there! We'll definitely have to visit more often :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday . . .

Welcome to Utah is all I can say about the past few days. We had the most BEAUTIFUL weekend with 70+ degree weather. So warm that Justin was able to play outside with all of the neighborhood kids and by the time I saw him again later that evening his arms were FRIED! Then, this morning I woke up to SNOW. BLAH!! Now normally I enjoy the snow because I am a skier... with Ashton (love him!! Squish his cheeks!!) I haven't been able to hit the slopes as much as I'd like . . . sigh . . . so I've found my self jumping on the "we hate the snow" bandwagon. My sister Katie and her hubby Per (Nic to those who don't refer to him by his AWESOME middle name!!) are in town for spring break. Their plan was to take Justin (who has the day off) out and play all day... well they are currently STUCK in the snow...grr... hopefully they make it down the hill in one piece! Southern Arizona is sounding really good right now!

Ashton had an exciting Monday morning of peeing on his mom (that would be ME) not once, but TWICE before they had to hurry out the door and make it to school / work on time. Thank you baby Ash man for making my mornings so exciting!!

My Mark is spending his snowy Monday looking for the ultimate job, trouble is... that the rest of the country is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. I really hope he finds something wonderful! I told him that my co-worker Maria and I were looking into Culinary Arts school for fun. He said he'd be happy to make food for people. He'd open up his own donut shop! Now if that's not a change in pace, I don't know what is! Mark the cupcake man!! ha ha ha!

Happy Monday everyone :)