Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break and Easter Weekend

Well, Spring break didn't quite turn out like I had planned... a few months ago we thought we'd take a vacation since Justin had a week off of school. You know, something short and sweet and AWESOME like Disneyland!! But then Ashton got sick and spent our "vacation" in the hospital... so we made due with what time we had. I am lucky enough to work with a guy who's wife works at Park City Mountain Resort... his family doesn't ski (CRAZY I KNOW), so she gets all of these free passes just for working there and gives me several each year. So we got to go skiing for free on Friday and Saturday. That resort is my favorite by far. It is HUGE and super nice, but the best part is the Baja Cantina. This is the most AWESOME Mexican restaurant (aside from El Torito... which we don't have here in Utah... sad (**SIGH**)). It is so much fun to be able to ski and then go to a nice sit down restaurant, then go back and ski some more. We also got to ski with my little brother Sam. Sam is an AMAZING skier. He is sponsored and wins all types of awards for the tricks and jumps he can do on his skis. It was really just awe inspiring. It was really exciting for Justin to be able to see his uncle doing what he does best and I'm sure he had so much pride seeing people stop to watch Sam and go "ooohhh ahhhh wowwww"..

Justin and I woke up early on Easter morning to make eggs and pancakes. I did the pancakes and he did the eggs. He was so excited to help. After church we stayed up at my moms and had dinner with my family and grandparents and my aunt Barb and her kids. Justin and Ashton had their egg hunt. Justin was almost beating the door down as soon as he saw all of the candy outside. Ashton was so cute!! As soon as he saw Justin picking up all of the candy he got right into it and started throwing candy in his own bag.

So all in all it was an awesome weekend, not Disneyland... but sometimes family time is even better :)