Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Talon

I don't know this family from Adam but I'm feeling compelled to ask for help, good thoughts, and prayers in their behalf. Recently some of you may have heard the story of Baby Talon being taken away from his family by a Minnesota Native American Tribe. This family is fighting to get their baby back. Please read their blog:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleepy Ashton

My Ashton usually has a rough time sleeping. At daycare each day he usually takes two 20 minute naps and then he'll sleep all night long at home... as long as he's in bed next to ME. Bad bad bad habit, I know. If I try to have Ashton sleep in his crib, he wakes several times during the night. Any advice on this subject would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! So I was quite taken aback last night when while sharing a pumpkin cheesecake with me from the Cheesecake Factory (YUMMY!!) all of a sudden Ashton is snoozing in his highchair. Then after being transported to his crib (which he usually doesn't sleep in) he ended up sleeping until FIVE this morning!! WAHOO!! Though it has me wondering... WHO DRUGGED MY BABY!!?? ha ha ha!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight, Idaho, Halloween...etc...

I haven't blogged in a while... reason being that the cord that connects my camera to my PC got chomped on by my own little Edward Cullen. I went to download the Halloween pics of my boys only to find the metal part of the cord that goes into the camera was completely flat because Ashton bit it. For some reason he loves eating paper and cords (real safe, I know!!). So I'm at my moms getting the pics off the camera and hopefully will be able to get a replacement cord sometime soon. Here is a pic of my little guys on Halloween. Justin was the guy from 'Scream', complete with a pumping heart that pumped fake blood all over the face of his mask - SICK. And Ashton was a bumble bee. This was the same bumble bee costume that Justin wore when he was a baby. So cute!!

I saw Twilight today with my OH SO PREGNANT friend Kayci!! Kayci was due 4 days ago. We told Tyler (the baby) that he'd be in big trouble if he decided to come during the movie. He was a good little bean and obliged. I loved the movie. I have heard people say that they really hated it, but I thought it was great!

The boys and I went up to Pocatello Idaho this weekend to stay with my sister Katie and her husband Per. Katie is now the assistant coach of the volleyball team and Per plays for the football team We attended both of their games and ate at Chili's twice!! YUM!! It was a fun trip and we always love seeing them... and they both WON their games!! Go Bengals!

We've also been dealing with a crazy orthodontic device with Justin over this past month. We were referred to go to the orthodontist because Justin has a cross-bite. He was told that the roof of his mouth was to small so he had to get this totally mid evil device called a rapid palatal expander. I had to turn it with a little key twice each day and it very quickly widened the roof of his mouth. Within two weeks he had a gigantic space between his front teeth. CRAZY!!

Mark is finishing the family room in our basement for my Christmas present this year! I am SO SUPER EXCITED!! I think it's probably making him crazy having to come home from his construction job only to do construction on our own house. I love him for it though!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in the work place.

So my co-worker, Maria, and I decided it would be fun and entertaining to go GOTH for Halloween this year. Our company has a costume contest each year for the best branch and for individuals. What makes this picture so hilarious is that this style couldn't be FURTHER from our personalities!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ashton's vintage photo shoot.

Ashton had these cute vintage photo's taken at his school. Aren't they precious??!! I LOVE HIM!!

Justin's Football Pics...

Take a look at the team picture. Justin is in the back row in the middle...

Me: Justin, why does your face look like that?

Justin: That's my tough face mom! He told us to look tough!!

Me: Everyone else is smiling

Justin: They just don't listen mom...

Yes, that's my son. The listener!! ... RIGHT!!!

Kangaroo Zoo

We FINALLY made it to the Kangaroo Zoo!! Justin was so excited! We live about 4.5 seconds away from the place but have been SOOOO busy lately that we just haven't been able to go. We took Justin's friend Kaleb with us on our adventure. Ashton LOVED the bouncy things!! (Side note: Kaleb (the friend) ended up splitting his lip open and bleeding profusely from the mouth. Justin bounced himself right off the bouncy thing and landed flat on his back which knocked the wind out of him. WHY can I not go somewhere and leave with out someone getting wounded?!?!?! Ha ha ha! Oh well, they both got over their injuries and had a blast!)

(This one (well, ALL of them!!) turned our a little blurry... guess that's what happens when you try to self portrait one handed with a crappy camera phone!!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dark hair cuties and Ashton's meal time fun!!

So to save money I have been coloring my own hair for a couple of years. I always find myself needing just a little bit more color by the end... so this time I used two boxes and had some left over. Justin decided he'd like to try "Soft Black" on... so we did it!! YES, we colored his hair!! I figured he's a boy, who gets hair cuts monthly... and if it was awful, we'd just shave it off. I actually think it turned out quite cute!!

Last night we figured out that Ashton does NOT like the Beef and Vegetables baby food. Notice his "Are you SERIOUS??!!" face. SO FUNNY!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Marky Mark!!

I love you baby! Hope you have a fabulous 31!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Justin is #90! Go Braves!!

Justin gets an "X" on his helmet because of his size...basically saying, "Watch OUT!"

Justin and his best friend BUBBA

Getting ready to play!


Look how big my #90 is!!

Good game guys!!

Ashton loves watching big brothers games!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adventures with a big balloon. . .

I guess you could call this a public service announcement of sorts... I'm not sure why, but with Justin in my life, STRANGE things are always just around the corner. A prime example of this strangeness factor occurred on Monday at the Willey Honda dealership in Bountiful. I was on my lunch break at work and had just picked Justin up from his summer camp day care. I have been seriously toying around with the idea of getting a new car, so we stopped in at the Honda dealership to have them give me a value of my 1999 civic (for sale if anyone is interested...). While I was waiting for this value one of the other salesmen saw that Justin was getting restless and offered him a balloon. Now this was one of the big car dealer balloons, you know the type. Justin, of course, immediately started to suck the helium out of the balloon to make his voice sound funny. He was walking around the dealership screeching, "HELLO" over and over again in this high mousy voice. I asked him to go outside with the balloon if the was going to do that, so he did. The showroom I was in was surrounded with full length windows so I could easily see Justin and his balloon. All of a sudden he was walking while sucking the balloon and I could see his eyes roll back in his head and he walked straight into a stucco wall at full speed and then fell directly back on the concrete hitting his head. Then I heard this blood curdling screaming. I ran out side to see exactly what happened. There was blood on the wall from where his face hit and his face was bleeding from all of the cuts and scrapes on his forehead, nose, lip, and his mouth from where his teeth bit through his bottom lip. He also had an enormous goose egg on the back of his head from hitting the concrete. Justin had passed out from sucking in too much helium. I too had been a fan of sucking on balloons when I was a kid too... so really didn't see the danger in it when he was playing with this one balloon... boy was I wrong. I have since researched at length the effects of helium on the brain to find some scary information. Apparently sucking helium is in essence the same as asphyxiating yourself because the brain isn't getting any oxygen. This can lead to strokes and possibly death. SO SCARY!!! Justin has learned a very valuable lesson and is telling everyone he knows what happened to him so that they too can know the dangers of sucking on a helium balloon. Moral of my little story... DON'T SUCK ON BALLOONS FULL OF HELIUM!!! Check out this link for more information...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 2008... so far...

So far August has been INSANE. We went to visit Katie and Per up in Pocatello one weekend. It was so much fun to visit their cute little house! We spent that Saturday at Lave Hot Springs. I'd never been before so I was expecting greatness... it was great, but mostly it was the same as Cottonwood Heights swimming pool. Ashton had a great time floating in his whale floaty and Justin spent the entire day jumping off of the platforms. I thought I'd have a heart attack when he decided to jump off of the 3rd (TOP) platform!! He's such a nut!!

Justin was also baptised... finally... I say 'finally' because he turned 8 back in February but this was the first stake baptism we were able to attend due to the craziness of our life. My brother Stefan baptized Justin and my dad confirmed him. It was a really special day for our family. The primary had a special towel made for Justin with his baptism date on it.

Saturday afternoon was spent at my 10 year high school reunion. I know, I'm an old fart!! It was really great to catch up with old friends and see people with their growing families. I'm really lucky to have such great friends!

Today we went to the ZOO. It was Ashton's first trip to the zoo. I'm not sure how exciting he found it, but Justin and I had a great time!! Our favorite part was the bird show. It was a nice "last hurrah" before Justin starts back at Wasatch Peak Academy this Thursday.

Last but not least... FOOTBALL. Oh my gosh!!! is all I can say about football. My Justin is 8 years old and has started his first year of Bountiful Braves Gremlins Football. I'm used to baseball which usually involves maybe one practice a week and a couple of short games... Football is a different beast. Justin practices 5 days a week, two hours a day. He's not supposed to miss any practices or games. Basically my life goes like this... Don't sleep much because baby thinks sleeping is silly, get out of bed, get all 3 of my boys ready (Mark included), get both boys to different day cares, go to work, get off work, pick up Ashton, take Justin to football for TWO HOURS, come home, make dinner, go to bed, don't sleep... and then REPEAT!! My only saving grace is knowing that Justin is an amazing athlete and someday hopefully all of this sporting will at least bring him free college if not more. GO BRAVES!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ashton is 1/2!!!

I can't believe my little man is 1/2!! I know it seems strange to bake a cake when your child is only turning 1/2...and can't eat cake... but hey, any reason for a party... right?!?! It was a great day to celebrate because the Mueller Park Junior High fireworks were going on. It was Ashton's first experience with fireworks and he was mesmerized! So cute!! Time sure does fly. It seems like yesterday that I was a walking blimp waiting to meet my little bug. I really am so lucky to have such a wonderful baby. He is the most mild mannered, happy, loving baby. It's truly intoxicating to be around him. Every day when Mark and I wake up he's smiling and pinching our noses telling us all sorts of stories. Whenever big brother Justin is around, you're sure to find a huge smile on Ashton's face. We're so happy he's in our family!