Monday, May 3, 2010

Still alive... and 30

Wow it has been a long time since the last blog post...

Nothing really new around here...


I turned...


I have to admit, it was depressing. I know I know, it's no big deal... unless its happening to you. Now it's been a couple of weeks and i'm just fine. I survived. I have the BEST BEST BEST friends (Nikki and Kayci) who collaborated with Mark to throw me a black balloon party. I had NO idea he was going to do what he did. 

I drove up and found these hanging from the outside of my house and though... O.M.G...:

Then I walked IN the house and found these:

We had a little party planned but I had no idea Mark was going to do the balloons all over the house, and buy a cake!! He also bought me the most beautiful wall sconses and turquoise candles (the accent color of my kitchen) to go on top.

When my friend Nikki showed up she had a tiara and a feather boa for me to wear... cute.

In other news:

Justin started lacrosse again and is loving it. Here he is playing goalie!!

and Ashton is still the cutest thing... ever!!

Happy Spring!!