Saturday, April 25, 2009


We had a busy month. Here's some cute pics of what went on...

I had a birthday! My last birthday in fact :) I'll be 29 forever, right??

I got a camera from mom and dad and Mark did things around the house for me.

This is the first pic I took with the new camera

This is where Mark took me for dinner

This was some of our yummy food

This was my desert...

This is what was inside!! mmmm....

This is my post Cheesecake Factory happy face :)

Mark bought and installed this pot rack for me.

Mark tiled our garage entry...

Mark also tiled our main entry!! I love it :)

Justin got me this awesome bracelet

I had a birthday party with some friends (thanks girls!!)

We bought yummy Popsicles at Costco! Yummo!!

Ashton loved his pop too :)

Ashton got to come to work with mom and throw candy at her with Maria! Fun!!

The boys got quality time with Dad

Justin started LACROSSE!!

He's the goalie. He is awesome at being the goalie!

We watched.

He froze :P

The team did great!! :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Leukemia... What?!?!

I got a call from the Bountiful Instacare today, the same one that I took Ashton to on Thursday. I guess they sent his blood to another lab for further analysis. It came back with a platelet count of only 35... no I'm not really sure what that means in the whole scheme of things, but they said that is LOW and BAD and DANGEROUS. They said I was to take him immediately to the ER at Primary Children's... GREAT. So I called my mom and she met me at the daycare. We road up to the hospital together and checked in. The doctor said she wanted to run a whole bunch of tests and just rule things out. Okay...sure... whatever you want. So they poked Ashton (again) and extracted 3 things of blood to test and then they hooked him up with an IV. They came to the conclusion that the rash he's got is really patiki eye. I guess that is when the blood vessels are breaking underneath the skin. After about 3 hours of waiting for all of the tests to come back the doctor finally came in with the news. She said that his platelets are still low, not as low, but low. And his white count is low. The good news is that he doesn't have Leukemia. (At this point I nearly fell over... LEUKEMIA??? Are you SERIOUS???). We have to go back to the hospital in a week to re-check his blood and make sure that with the virus going away that his blood levels come back up. So cross your fingers. We're feeling really blessed right now that it turned out as well as it did. Now if we could just get him healthy, that would be much better!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sick... again...

I believe I've posted about Bilateral Otitis before... well, it's back and this time it's brought it's friend Infected Throat. Aren't we lucky?? (Can you hear the sarcasm oozing from my tone???)

I got a call at work on Monday from Ashton's day care: "Hi, Marianne. Well, 1st of all, Ashton has a really high fever and 2nd Ashton has a really bad rash. You need to come get him." Sure enough, when I got there he was burning up and did indeed have a rash. **The rash I wasn't so worried about since Ashton's allergic to milk and may or may not have had a taste of ice cream the day prior (shhhh....).** But the fever really had me worried. When Ashton got sick with the metapheumovirus last month, it all started with a high fever. So I took him home and gave him Tylenol and he seemed to be fine... hmmm, maybe he's teething?? I'm not so sure. So Tuesday I brought him to work with me and my mom (LOVE HER!!) came and picked him up for the day. She said he got another fever and gave him some Motrin. By the time I got there after work he was burning up again so I took him to the local instacare. His fever was at 104. YIKES!! Then they hooked him up to the machine that checks his oxygen and blood pressure. His oxygen kept going from 88-95 (which is OK, not great...). I started to freak. Seriously?!?! We were just in the hospital. I don't want to go back!! So then they check his lungs, they sounded good. I started to feel a little bit relieved. They then check his ears, "Oh boy" the doctor says, "This one is pretty badly infected, let's check the other one. Oh man, this one is really bad too." Then the doctor wants to check his throat. "Oh wow little man, look at all that puss growing on your tonsils, no wonder you're not a happy guy." Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself... 2 ear infections?? Again?? This has to be like 10th infections he's had this winter! The doctor says he's concerned about the height of Ashton's fever and wants to do some blood tests. He says he'll send the nurses in. After being held down by myself and another nurse and a 3rd nurse trying to find a vein for about 20 minutes (and poking him all over the place) they finally get what they need. Ashton is now drenched in sweat from trying to escape the needles. A few minutes later the doctor comes back and says that the blood test came back fine (phew!!) but he'll need to be on antibiotics for 10 days to treat his ears and throat. I can deal with that. Much better than going back to the hospital!

Later that night I called my dad (Doctor Dad, MD) and relayed our nights events. He said he's talk to a specialist at the hospital today about Ashton's condition and hopefully they can figure something out... tubes perhaps? I don't know. But something needs to happen. His poor little ears can't take any more of this infection business.