Friday, February 12, 2010


Ashton is broken. Apparently he takes after his accident-prone momma. Friday afternoon I took off early from work so I could take Ashton to his 2 year well-child doctor appointment. I stopped at home first to get some lunch. While I was getting something to eat Ashton asked for some cereal. I turned to the pantry to grab some and Ashton got so excited he started dancing around on the bar stool he was standing on. Well he danced a little too much and stepped right off! Mark and I were both within 5 feet of him but we couldn't catch him. He fell off sideways and his left hand hit the floor first. He has fractured his elbow. So he's in a little blue cast for the next 3 weeks. You'd never know he was broken though; he's climbing on and jumping off of everything! Maybe his new cast gave him super powers?? ;)