Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a fact. I make BIG kids!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take half the day off of work so I could attend appointments for both of my kids. After Justin and I picked up Ashton from daycare we decided we had a minute to sit down for lunch. We decided to go to my most favorite spot for lunch in Bountiful, Plates and Palates (if you haven't been there, you must go!!). The three of us dined on salads and panini's. YUM!

It was soon time to go to our first appointment which was Ashton's 18 month check up. We were thrilled when Dr. Black said there were NO shots this time! We went over all of his developmental milestones to make sure he was up to par. We discussed all of the fun things Ashton has been up to lately, such as: thinking every object is a cell phone and holding it between his shoulder and his ear and talking "sassy" just like his mommy, hearing the word TACO on TV and repeating it ALL. THE. TIME, walking around and reprimanding people while throwing his hands up and shaking them about (it's so hilarious!), and getting really good at his sign language for PLEASE, FINISHED, and MORE. The nurse came in and said well, Ashton's a very tall little guy! He's almost 3 feet tall (35.5 inches!!). I got to thinking about the formula for figuring out how tall your kids are. I'm not sure how true it is, but I was told that if you double the height of a 3 year old that's about how tall they'll be when an adult. So if Ashton is only 1... how tall will be be when he's 3? And if I double that...?? Is the circus going to call looking for the 10 foot man? Oh gosh... maybe the NBA? Think of the possibilities!!

After Ashton's appointment we decided that it would be fun to stop at Keva Juice before heading up to Justin's orthodontist appointment. I got the Keva Kolada. again... YUM!! Finally it was time for Justin to sit in the chair. Dr. Feller kept looking at Justin's mouth, and then his x-rays, and then his mouth and then said, "How old are you again???" to which Justin replied that he was 9. "I don't believe it!!" replied Dr. Feller. "You have the mouth of a 12 year old!!". After talking about how far advanced Justin's mouth was we decided that we'd take his braces off next month (he's only got braces on the top because they had to use the palate expander to fix a cross bite... I think I blogged about this... look for the medieval torture device!!LOL). After a 6 month break or so from the braces we'll throw them back on all of his teeth. So he'll be completely finished with braces by the 6th grade... This was starting to sound strangely familiar. I had braces from 4th - 6th grade also!

So it's official. I make BIG kids. Who grow up WAY too fast!! How do you make it stop??