Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight, Idaho, Halloween...etc...

I haven't blogged in a while... reason being that the cord that connects my camera to my PC got chomped on by my own little Edward Cullen. I went to download the Halloween pics of my boys only to find the metal part of the cord that goes into the camera was completely flat because Ashton bit it. For some reason he loves eating paper and cords (real safe, I know!!). So I'm at my moms getting the pics off the camera and hopefully will be able to get a replacement cord sometime soon. Here is a pic of my little guys on Halloween. Justin was the guy from 'Scream', complete with a pumping heart that pumped fake blood all over the face of his mask - SICK. And Ashton was a bumble bee. This was the same bumble bee costume that Justin wore when he was a baby. So cute!!

I saw Twilight today with my OH SO PREGNANT friend Kayci!! Kayci was due 4 days ago. We told Tyler (the baby) that he'd be in big trouble if he decided to come during the movie. He was a good little bean and obliged. I loved the movie. I have heard people say that they really hated it, but I thought it was great!

The boys and I went up to Pocatello Idaho this weekend to stay with my sister Katie and her husband Per. Katie is now the assistant coach of the volleyball team and Per plays for the football team We attended both of their games and ate at Chili's twice!! YUM!! It was a fun trip and we always love seeing them... and they both WON their games!! Go Bengals!

We've also been dealing with a crazy orthodontic device with Justin over this past month. We were referred to go to the orthodontist because Justin has a cross-bite. He was told that the roof of his mouth was to small so he had to get this totally mid evil device called a rapid palatal expander. I had to turn it with a little key twice each day and it very quickly widened the roof of his mouth. Within two weeks he had a gigantic space between his front teeth. CRAZY!!

Mark is finishing the family room in our basement for my Christmas present this year! I am SO SUPER EXCITED!! I think it's probably making him crazy having to come home from his construction job only to do construction on our own house. I love him for it though!!