Saturday, June 21, 2008


So about a month or so before Ashton was born my sister-in-law, Emily, told me about a book series she had just finished and it was, "SOOOO GOOD!!!". So she let me borrow the
1st of the series, a book called Twilight. I started reading right before Ashton was born and I litterally read half the book one Saturday morning. It really was good. But then Ashton came and i've been busy ever since. Well about two weeks ago I decided i'd read durring my down time at work. Well... now i'm ADDICTED to these books!! I'm really not much of a reader outside of the Harry Potter series, but these books have litterally mezmerized me. I finished the 1st book and had to go out that night to buy the 2nd (New Moon)... only to finish the 2nd book two days later and had to go buy the 3rd (Eclipse)...I finished the 3rd book last night and now i've got to wait until August 2nd!!! to get the 4th book. So the point to my little blog is, GO BUY THESE BOOKS!!!