Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Powell

What a horrible blogger I've been. To my own defense... I had a FABULOUS vacation and then Mark was out of town on a business trip to Indianapolis and things have been busy busy busy. Now I'm home sick from work feeling really yucky... what a better time to update the blog?!?!

So Lake Powell was absolutely wonderful, as usual... except for the fact that Mark and Ashton stayed home. Mark has a new (really great) job and hasn't been there long enough for his vacation time to kick in. We couldn't afford for him to take a week off unpaid, so he stayed home. Ashton stayed home with Mark, call me selfish... but I really didn't see it being a relaxing and stress free vacation having to watch a toddler on a houseboat floating on a lake that is 300+ feet deep. YIKES!! So Justin and I left for a week of fun in the sun with my folks and some of my siblings. My brother took over 1200 pics and I took a bunch myself. So instead of trying to explain our fun, I'll just let you see it in pictures. Enjoy :)