Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ashton is 1/2!!!

I can't believe my little man is 1/2!! I know it seems strange to bake a cake when your child is only turning 1/2...and can't eat cake... but hey, any reason for a party... right?!?! It was a great day to celebrate because the Mueller Park Junior High fireworks were going on. It was Ashton's first experience with fireworks and he was mesmerized! So cute!! Time sure does fly. It seems like yesterday that I was a walking blimp waiting to meet my little bug. I really am so lucky to have such a wonderful baby. He is the most mild mannered, happy, loving baby. It's truly intoxicating to be around him. Every day when Mark and I wake up he's smiling and pinching our noses telling us all sorts of stories. Whenever big brother Justin is around, you're sure to find a huge smile on Ashton's face. We're so happy he's in our family!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Strange things are afoot at the Hurst-Stewart home...

Our weekend was supposed to be filled with fun family activities and lots of relaxation...

Saturday we went to Liberty Park to see the Animal Planet Expo. That was a lot of fun, saw a lot of cool things. Then we walked around the pond, rode some rides, played in the fountain... oh, and found out that those dungeons and dragon guys who fight each other with sticks really do exist...WEIRD!!

Sunday was supposed to be a fabulous day of nothingness...until Justin barreled through the door crying because he had handcuffs stuck on his wrist. Of course our first thought was that these were toy handcuffs and easily removable... WRONG. We soon found out that these were bonafide real handcuffs that Justin and his friend TJ found at TJ's house. TJ claims he got them from his cousin and told Justin that they didn't have a key for it before Justin decided to try them on for size (good one Just). We live next door to a SLC police officer, but of course he was still at church. We decided to drive to the fire station for help. The firemen got a kick out of it but said they didn't have a key and had to call the police to come help. The police finally showed up at the fire station and also seemed to get a kick out of the hand cuff fiasco. After a couple of tries with different keys, Justin was free. I'm sure the policeman was thinking, "hmmmm... nice... wonder where he got these... hmmmm....".

Aren't weekends the BEST?!?!