Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a fantastic Christmas Vacation at our house filled with family and fun activities! Even though we don't (usually) go anywhere for the break, I think this is my favorite vacation of the year. I get to spend time with family and just relax... and ski of course ;)

(notice the awesome scratches in my coffee table? gotta love toddlers...!!)

Happy New Year

Monday, November 15, 2010

Playing catch up

Do any of you ever get so caught up with Facebook that you forget you even have a blog?? Guilty!! Then to be told by your kids grandma that she misses seeing new pictures... ouch my heart! Sorry to those of you in blog~land who actually read my blog! I'll try to be better I promise!! Oh, and Karen, this one's for you! We love you :)

Since so much has happened since May (omg... has it been that long??) i might as well just post pics documenting that last several months. Enjoy!

St. George with Nikki and Garth and NO kids! So much fun  :)

Staying in a cabin with friends Jenny and Mont in Oakley. SOOOOO beautiful!!

Lots of trips to the pool

Hanging out in the theater room Mark finished! YAY!

Making parking lots is so much fun :)

First time up close to a REAL tractor!! SO exciting!!

Chillin out with Ginger dog ;)

Working on the backyard

LAKE POWELL!! (part one)

Mark's birthday party!

Football Season! Go Braves!!

Shucking corn with Papa :)

LAKE POWELL (part two!)

Blowing tire on the truck on our way home from the lake... SO scary!!

Uncle Tyler's wedding

Ashton loves his new cowboy hat :)

1st day of 5th grade!! Justin's growing up too fast!

The Lion King 

Goofin around :)

Hogle Zoo

Playing on the dirt bikes with Papa

Handsome boy ready for church :)

Sleeping with tools cuz he's "such a worker guy"